• Company Overview

Company Overview

Since our founding in 1959, Healthy Food Co., Ltd. has worked to develop and sell foods to medical and nursing care institutions.
The Healthy Food Group is engaged in the wholesale business (direct sales to medical and nursing care institutions), manufacturing business, mail-order business to home care patients, and overseas business as we work to fulfill the needs of a wide range of customers.

Company name Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
Main office 1-34-3 Manganji, Hino-city, Tokyo, 191-0024, Japan
Kashiwa branch office GLP Kashiwa 4F, 3-1 Shintoyofuta, Kashiwa-city, Chiba , 277-0804, Japan
Kitakanto Ota sales office 869-1 Takahayashi mianami cho,Ota-city,Gunma,373-0827,Japan
Founded December 25, 1959
Capital 39 million yen
Representative Takashi Kuroda, President
Number of employees 200
Business description Developing and selling foods to medical institutions and nursing homes
Group Company
Company name Healthy Network Co., Ltd.
Main office 1-34-3 Manganji, Hino-city, Tokyo, 191-0024, Japan
Founded July 8, 1999
Capital 10 million yen
Representative Takashi Kuroda, President & CEO
Business description Development and marketing of products for
people undergoing diet therapy or care at home
Company nameSuzhou Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
Main office Room 1902, International Building, No.2 Suzhou
Avenue West, Suzhou Industrial Park, 215021, China
Telephone number +86-512-6761-9080
The fax number+86-512-6761-0989
Founded March 15, 2014
Capital 9.08 million yuan
Representative Takashi Kuroda, President & CEO
Business descriptionDevelopment and marketing of products for
people undergoing diet therapy in China
We provide high-quality products and services through a growing network.
The Healthy Food Group is making comprehensive expansion of business in the field of food products for medical and nursing care facilities. The Healthy Food Group’s greatest strength is its network of information in these 4 areas of business. Since we established in 1959, we have been repeatedly making changes and constantly taking on new challenges to lead the industry.


Wholesale Business

Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
We directly deliver modified consistency foods and other foods for patients with dysphasia, formulas, low protein foods and other foods that have had their nutritional content adjusted, and other products to approximately 4,000 medical institutions, nursing care facilities, and welfare facilities in the Greater Tokyo Area.

Facilities dealt with approximately 4,000 institutions

Products handled approximately 3,700 items
Holding the Healthy Food Seminar, which is a free seminar for medical personnel held several times a year
Holding the Healthy Food Show, which is an exhibition and tasting event held once every two years (Results from the exhibition in 2014: 62 manufacturers had displays and there were approximately 2,400 attendees)
Offering various informational sessions in response to requests from medical institutions
Holding cooking training at the main offices of companies contracted to supply meals
Periodically providing information on our products
Providing materials for nutritional guidance

Manufacturing Business

Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
Healthy Food was the first company in Japan to devote itself to thickening agents, and has been working to develop advanced products that meet the needs of both medical specialists and our customers.
We have developed a wide array of products that includes foods for people with dysphasia, low protein foods for people with renal disorders, low calorie foods for people with diabetes, and nutritionally supplemented foods that are primarily suited to the nutritional needs of the elderly and people with illnesses.
Product Line-Up
Modified consistency foods Nutrient-fortified foods Nutrition adjusting foods
Thickening agents
Jellified agents
Soft foods
Thickened beverages
High calorie foods
High protein foods
Calcium enriched foods
Iron enriched foods
Zinc enriched foods
Vitamin enriched foods
Dietary fiber enriched foods
Low protein foods
Low calorie foods
We supply our products to medical institutions and nursing homes in each prefecture through sales agents all across Japan.
We take part in academic conferences held all across Japan.

Mail Order Business

Healthy Network Co., Ltd.
We deliver foods of ours that are used at medical institutions and nursing homes straight to customers who are undergoing dietary therapy or nursing care at home via home delivery services, and we deliver products to more than 310,000 place each year.
Mail order catalogue, Online store

We produce catalogues of three separate varieties of products -“Hatsu-ratsu Food Products”, “Iki-iki Food Products”, and “Niko-niko Food Products”- and also operate an online store. In addition to products, we also publish a great deal of information from expert supervisors and the latest information from academic societies, those catalogues are widely used for nutritional guidance, etc., at 18,000 medical and nursing care facilities throughout the country.

  • Iki-Iki Foods
    Contains low protein, frozen side dish sets, frozen ready-made dishes, pre-cooked rice and side dishes, and more.
  • Hatsu-Ratsu Foods
    Contains formulas, thickening agents, soft foods, high protein foods, mousse-like frozen side dish sets, and more.
  • Niko-Niko Foods
    Contains calorie adjusted, frozen side dish sets, pre-cooked side dishes, low calorie snacks, and more.

Overseas Business

We provide the most advanced information of nutrition therapy in Asia and also supply the match products from Japan to the oversea. As beginning exports to Korea in 1997, nowadays it has been expanded to China and Singapore.

Suzhou Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
Due to the predictable large growth of Chinese nursing care food market and more focus on supply products, the 100% owned subsidiary in Suzhou of China was established in March 2014.
With the cooperation of the medical institutions and manufacturers in Japan, we have built a good relationship of trust with medical institutions and nursing care facilities in China.